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How To Rebuild Your Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery

5 Easy Steps To Saving $4,000 On Your Prius Battery
2001-2003 Prius Battery Repair Guide

~Just Another Unlucky Prius Owner? My Story~

In the summer of 2008, I bought a Prius from a guy that “forgot” to mention that the Hybrid Battery was dying.

Two Months later, I had to take the car to my local Toyota dealership because my battery flat out DIED without warning. $3800? They told me it would cost $3800 to replace my Toyota Prius battery!! I had to find another option.

They said it couldn’t be rebuilt.

I didn’t believe them.


What If You Don't Have Time To Fix Your Battery?

Prius Battery Guide
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We know everyone can't be a mechanical Guru. So we created this guide using as many pictures, and captions to make it easy for absolutely anyone to rebuild their hybrid battery!